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Project Description

Pergo 680

The Pavement and Slab Cleaning Device

  • This pavement and slab cleaning device with gasoline engine or electric engine offers you a smooth cement residue-free cleaning.

  • It cleans the stone slab, but does not wash out the joints.

  • With this Pergo 680 you clean your pavement
    10 times quicker and cleaner than with your hand!

Technical data:

Weight with electric engine:           68 kg
Weight with gasoline engine:         71 kg
Electric engine:                                 240 V, 1100 W,1,400 r/min
Gasoline engine:                               3.5 PS, 4-stroke, OHV
Sponge belt width:                           36 cm
Water content:                                  65 litres

Articel Number:

Art. Nr.: 46680   Pergo 680 petrol engine
Art. Nr.: 45680   Pergo 680 electrical engine
Art. Nr.: 45551     Sponge belt 680 white
Art. Nr.: 45503    Water bucket 680

The procedure

Distribute the sealant over the entire surface, fill in, pull off excess material and next wash off with the Pergo 680.

The Pergo 680 consists of an engine-driven sponge belt which is pulled through a water container.

Dirt and excess water is squeezed out by the rollers, so that a fresh sponge band is permanently achieved for the absorption of dirt.

The advantages

At the return, the excess joint material is washed off without the contacting of any wheel or other machine parts in the cleaned surfaces.

The squeezing unit is flipped up allowing the simple and easy exchange of the water container.

65 litres water container provides a very large time frame between the exchange of water.

Height and sponge surface pressure is stepless adjusted with the handwheel.

The sponge tension and sponge belt feeding is set via the top rollers. The sponge belt is driven by 3 rollers.